Wonderful Counselor | Devotion #1: Wonder
Richie Henson | Production Director

My son is growing up very differently than I did. I grew up in the California sun, a true beach bum. However, my son has only known the frozen tundra and boat life of Michigan. The other day, I showed my son some videos of people surfing in the Pacific Ocean. He was utterly blown away and full of true wonder. The images were so unknown to him that he could scarcely believe them to be real.

Our society struggles to understand this sense of wonder that my son expressed. We are so overloaded with content, that we no longer possess the ability to be blown away by something. I think there are times where we struggle to understand God because we struggle to be in wonder of Him. We struggle to be overwhelmed by the extraordinary nature of God. We fail to see that God is so beyond us, we struggle to even behold His goodness.

That being said, I think it makes it difficult for us to understand Jesus as Wonderful Counselor. When I hear this name, I am drawn to think of a consultant who is giving you advice on a decision you are trying to make. However, this name of Jesus goes so far beyond this understanding.

Hebrews 4:16 says, “Let us then with confidence draw near to the throne of grace, that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need.”

Jesus has knowledge that is so far beyond our comprehension. It is so wonderful, and perfect that we cannot even perceive it. I think there are times when we wait until we are in dire straights before we seek the counsel of Jesus, but in reality, Jesus’ counsel is all that we need. If we would commit ourselves to seeking the counsel of Jesus first, I believe we would begin to understand the sense of wonder that comes from hearing the words of Jesus. I believe that we would be so blown away, that it would leave us speechless.

This holiday season, as we think about the life of Jesus, let us all consider His words as our counsel knowing that we will be filled with wonder as we see Their good counsel.

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