Lesson Two | Devotion #2: Abraham
Richie Henson | Production Director

Often, Pastor Jim encourages us to sit down with a cup of coffee and read a passage of Scripture during the week. I would like to take a page out of his book and encourage you to read Genesis 12 this week.

In Genesis 12, God begins to speak to an older man by the name of Abram, later to be called Abraham. God tells him to leave the only home he has ever known to move to an unknown land. God speaks to Abram and Abram hears. Abram is attentive to the words of God and makes the difficult choice of obedience, moving far from his home. Abram’s attentive ear, followed by radical obedience begins one of the greatest faith journeys of all time. Through this journey, Abram has his name changed to Abraham, has a baby with his wife Sarah who is thought to be beyond child bearing years, and receives the promise of a great nation through his lineage. All of this began with the acts of listening and obeying. Abraham lived an amazing life, and the record in Genesis is full of great truths about God’s power to fulfill His promises and to provide for those who trust in Him.

However, when I read the story of Abraham’s life, my mind wanders to strange and silly places. For instance, I often wonder how different Abraham’s life would have been if he owned a cell phone? Before you laugh hysterically at my ridiculousness, think honestly about the very real ramifications that could exist. Think of how distracted we have become as people since the advent of cellular technology. Most of us are so attached to our phones that we have developed phantom ring syndrome – that feeling when you believe your phone vibrated in your pocket only to pull it out and realize you had simply imagined it. We have become self-absorbed and distracted. I think it is fair to say that if Abraham were a cell phone user, he would have struggled to hear God as often as he did. Even if he had heard God, how much easier would it have been for Abraham to distract himself from the leap of faith to which God was calling him?

Do not get me wrong; I do not think cell phones are the work of the devil. I think they have great value as we can communicate in ways that are so simple and effective. However, I do believe that we allow our cell phones, as well as other forms of escapism and entertainment, to insulate us from the lives of obedience to which we are called. Whenever God leads us down a path that feels scary, we can pull out our phones and watch cat videos or text our friends about plans for the weekend.

I am full of faith that God has a specific purpose for each of us. I also believe that our purpose can only be realized as we walk in faith, putting our reliance for provision, guidance, and strength in our Lord Jesus Christ as He leads us by His indwelling Spirit. God wants us to experience the fullness of life that is only found through faith in Him. I pray that we would be able to put away our distractions so we may hear God’s voice and obey just as Abraham did so many years ago.

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