Lesson Two | Devotion #1: Noah
John Hubbard | Worship Leader

Do Not Miss The Ark.

Have you ever decided you wanted to run a full marathon? What did you do? Did you think about it often? Did you lie awake at night and imagine everyone’s amazement that you could do something so difficult? You might have searched the internet for videos to learn about how to better run your first marathon. Hopefully, you started to prepare yourself for the challenge that running a marathon presents. It does not stand to reason that your mental preparation alone would come in handy for such a daunting physical endeavor. If you want something big to happen, it takes work. The planning and the learning will not help you without any real doing. Francis Chan uses a similar analogy for Christians regarding the Great Commission. Imagine standing before God and saying, “Well God, I did not actually share the Gospel with the lost, but I read and memorized every verse in the Bible about it, and I even started a Bible Study where a group of us came up with some practical ways to share the Gospel, and I have heard all the great preacher’s sermons on the importance of sharing the Gospel.” It sounds pretty comical when he puts things in that frame of reference, but how often do we do the same things? We want to make a big change, but we are afraid to start putting in the work. You might embarrass yourself, you might screw up, or you might even hurt yourself.

In Genesis, we find Noah in a similar situation. God finds him as a righteous man living in a time of total wickedness. God lays out a huge task for him in Genesis 6. Noah is set to build a massive ark to survive the coming Flood. Noah saw a huge movement of God coming and knew that his only option was to prepare. Now, luckily for him, the Lord spelled out pretty clearly both what He wanted and what He was going to do. For us, it is easy to get discouraged when we do not feel certain about what God is going to do. It is impossible to know everything that God will do, but it is not impossible to know a specific thing that God is doing.

This is where we look to the Church as the body of Christ. The Church has been tasked with carrying out the work of God, namely in the Great Commission. We hear of all the things the church is doing, and it is so easy to sit back and say, “Wow, I hope that goes well.”

I realize that a church event is a little different that a global flood, but how well would Noah have fared if he did not get to building the ark? The same goes for us now. How well would an outreach opportunity in your community go if everyone hopes it will go great and does not show up. It did not matter then that Noah had never built an ark before, and it does not matter now if you have never volunteered, you just have to give it your best shot. We all want God to move powerfully, but sometimes we forget about the ark we are going to need to build first.

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