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Recognize | Devotion #4: When?
Richie Henson | Production Director

During the time of Jesus’ earthly ministry, many of His disciples still followed the Jewish laws concerning food and work. One such law stated that no work could be done on the Sabbath, what we now call Saturday. This work would include going on a journey. So, as we look at Luke 24, we find two travelers, Cleopas and his wife Mary (John 19:25). They were followers of Jesus who had been present at the cross during the previous week, and due to the law, were unable to leave Jerusalem until this very Sunday, three days after the death of Jesus. Even though Mary had declared that Jesus was gone, Cleopas and Mary decide to leave town and head home. As the travelers are on their way, they are approached by the resurrected Jesus, but they are unable to see or perceive it to be Him. As they travel, Jesus begins to explain to them, using the Old Testament, that all of the travesties of the previous week, were part of a plan of salvation.

As the journey came to a close, it was dinner time, the perfect time for Cleopas and Mary to offer their companion a meal and a rest. It was during this meal that Jesus revealed Himself.

Cleopas and Mary were ready to move on from the seeming defeat of the previous week. They had spent their time in Jerusalem for Passover and witnessed the death of Jesus; however, on the third day, they were just ready to go home. Right at the moment where they should have been readiest to receive victory, they gave in to defeat. Thankfully, Jesus met them on the road and gave them understanding.

How often are we faced with overwhelming circumstances and difficulties, finding ourselves ready to give up? Life gets really hard, and we begin to question the plan of God, but if we will hold tight to faith and know God to be sovereign, at just the right time, God will come through in a way that is beyond comprehension. At just the right time, God will turn our devastation into rejoicing. My prayer for all of us today and this week is that we would push through our circumstances full of faith that God will come through at just the right time.

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