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Ryan Story | Student Pastor

The Jump

“Dad’s beard is sweet.”
“One, Two,… What comes after two?”
“I am going to jump now!”
“Pool time.”

These are thoughts I imagine running through my son’s head at his swim class. My wife and I felt it would be wise to enroll our son in swim classes before the summer began in hopes to teach him the basics of swimming. On one particular day, the instructor wanted us to work with our children to make sure they understood not to jump in unless a parent was present and wanting them to jump. Several times I set Broly on the ledge and counted to three. More than once Broly could not wait until the end of two before he jumped into the pool. This became frustrating and cute all in one. In hopes my son would understand the importance of making sure it was safe, I started to take steps further away from him. In my mind, I figured Broly would not want to jump in with me being out of arms distance. Yeah, that did not work. He still would jump in the pool, and I would have to take a quick stride to make sure he was safe. While I enjoy my son’s tenacity and fearlessness, this was not one of those times. I kept repeating the same pattern, but he always seemed to jump early. On our way home, it dawned on me, Broly’s fearlessness was not due to the lack of fear, his fearlessness was because he had complete faith that his father would be there to help.

In the short amount of time I have been a father, I feel I have learned so much about God. I sit, and I watch my interactions with my sons, and I seem to find moments in the Bible that coincide. When my sons look at me, I hope, there is never a moment that they are hesitant to trust me. Their faithfulness of believing their father is there for them is truly inspirational. My son would jump into a pool without the slightest degree of fear because he knew his father was too faithful to let him drop and fail. I stopped and scrolled through the Bible today and started thinking about how faithful God has been to us.

-God showed His faithfulness to save Noah and his family from the flood.
-God showed faithfulness to fulfill His promises to Abraham and created a great nation.
-God’s faithfulness was still evident to the children of Israel while they were in Egypt and wandering in the wilderness.
– God’s faithfulness made a shepherd boy into a great king.
-God’s faithfulness is even demonstrated in the failures of the Israelites when they are taken into exile and brought them back to the land He promised long ago.
-God’s faithfulness even sent His son to die on a cross for our sins.
-God’s faithfulness has Him present even in our worst failures. He is there to redeem, restore and re-strengthen us.

There was never a moment of doubt in my son’s mind when it came to putting his faith in me to catch him at the pool. He walked up to the edge and just jumped in. There was no “what if he is not there” or “what if my face gets wet.” There was complete trust and faith in his father. Imagine if our walk with God was like that. Imagine if we trusted God so much we were willing to step to the edge and just jump completely into His arms. What could happen if we gave God our 100%? We can trust Him to the point that we would live how He intended. Imagine if we all tried to reproduce this faithfulness in our families. Imagine if children had so much faith in their parents, they never had to question if their parents were proud of them. Imagine if a wife never had to doubt that she was still the one person her husband cherished above every other person. Imagine if a husband had the faith to lead his family where God wanted his family and that his family would follow. Sometimes in life, we just have to jump knowing God will catch us.

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