Blooming • Goodness
Kyle Wendel | Children and Student’s Director

I do not know about you guys, but I cannot think about the Fruit of the Spirit without thinking of the children’s song about them. Maybe that is because I am one of the Children’s Directors, who knows. To this day it is honestly how I remember the fruit. If you have not heard the song yet, you need to go to YouTube “Fruit of the Spirit song.” You will not regret it.

“Ohhhhhh the fruit of the Spirit’s not a coconut
The Fruit of the Spirit’s not a coconut
If you want to be a coconut
You might as well hear it:
You can’t be a fruit of the Spirit.

Cause the fruit is
Love, joy, peace, patience,
Kindness, goodness, faithfulness
Gentleness and self-control.”

Today we are going to talking about the Fruit of the Spirit called goodness. Goodness means working for the benefit of others, not oneself. If we take a look at Galatians 6:10 it also mentions what goodness should look like in us.

“So then, as we have opportunity, let us do good to everyone, and especially to those who are of the household of faith.”

As followers of Christ, we should always be looking to have the Fruit of the Spirit in our lives. The Bible tells us that a good tree bears fruit. As Christians, we should be able to see the fruit in our lives. We should see this fruit growing over time in our lives. If this fruit is not evident in our lives, there needs to be some serious reflection. A tree that is not bearing fruit is a dead tree. Dead trees get cut down. We do not want to be walking around like a dead tree without fruit. Instead, a fruit we need to have is goodness.

The Bible says that every opportunity we have to do good we should do it. Man, we have a lot of opportunities! The verse also goes on to say especially do good to those of the faith. We need to constantly be looking for opportunities in our lives to do good to others. One, because it can show the Gospel to the unbeliever and two because it is a way to worship our Lord. We know the good that He has done to us. We should just be so grateful that we should always be looking for ways to do good to others. Let that fruit start to blossom in your life! Let us stop looking at what we can do to benefit ourselves and look how we can benefit others.

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