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Max Sinclair | Children’s Director

All my life I was told that God had big and great plans for me. I grew up in the church when it was Faith Baptist; I remember the skits put on by the junior church workers. I remember the time I was saved at the age of seven. I remember making my public profession of faith with Pastor Jim and the rest of my family. Being baptized in front of the congregation of believers was something I will never forget. I remember my faith, but it was never real until now. When I graduated in 2011, I was determined not to be part of that statistic which says that most kids leave the church once they graduate high school. I was going to go to the world’s largest Christian university. There is no way I could fail. I got to Liberty, and soon after, I fell. I was lost, I was scared, and I felt alone. As my father drove me home at the start of the summer break I remember seeing his face as my grades were revealed. He was so disappointed that I let him down. When they dropped me off at Liberty, they were so proud. I was the first Sinclair boy, since my grandfather, to go to college, but now I was the first to be not welcomed back. Instead of owning my mistakes and taking responsibility for my actions, I ran away. I ran to something that would make me a man. I ran to something that would give me structure to my life. I ran to the Navy.


Now besides being called to be a light in the world for Jesus, there is no higher calling than serving one’s country. As I stood at attention when I was being yelled at by Recruit Divisional Commanders I remembered my calling. As I ran and endured the rigors of basic training, I remembered who I was and who I am called to be. I was called to be more than a Conqueror, and nothing on this Earth could stop me. I was going to succeed with Christ at the forefront of my life, and nothing would hold me down. Life would be difficult, but with the assurance of God in my life I would succeed because No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us (Romans 8:37). With that, I did my best to be the embodiment of Honor, Courage, and Commitment with a godly mindset. I was not going to fail this time. This time I was going to live the way God calls us to live. Throughout my Naval career, I tried and I failed, but I did not run away. I knew God was calling me to do this. God was calling me to come home, do His ministry here, show His love to all, and never give up.

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