Fallen – His Mission #1

Devils and Demons | FIGHT
Donna Fox | Assistant to the Growth Pastor

Have you ever had an important task assigned to you, or self-imposed?  This is called a “mission.”  For instance: “It is my mission to help my children do well in school” or “It is my mission to find a solution to this problem.” 

God’s fallen angel, Satan, or the devil, had a mission.  His goal was to steer Christ off course during his time on Earth, to prevent Him from His end goal.  Thankfully Jesus fulfilled His mission in spite of Satan! (John 19:30).  Jesus overcame the devil several times, including His birth (Herod was going to kill all baby boys), at His temptation in the wilderness (Satan said “worship me”), and by ultimately going to the cross on our behalf.

When Satan did not succeed with Christ, he came after Christ’s followers or would-be-followers.  He causes a man not to believe, and therefore not to be saved (Luke 8:12).  He destroys our faith in God.  He camouflages the truth and poses as a true believer and teacher of the truth (1 Timothy 4:1-2) that leads us astray.  His ultimate goal is to destroy the church.

But the good news is that in these 2000 plus years, Satan has not succeeded in destroying the church!  We need to be vigilant in our study of God’s Word, to align it with what we hear and do.  We need to pray (Matthew 16:22 says, “Get behind me, Satan.”).  We need to “Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the schemes of the devil” (Ephesians 6:11).

We need to constantly be aware of him and his demons’ presence all around us.  Resist him.  Fight against him.  Pray for protection from him.  If we crack the door open, he will swing it open wide and get ahold of us.

When I was in the choir, myself and another choir member would struggle with a sore throat, or waking up not feeling well.  We kept telling each other to “not let the devil win.”  We would persevere and attend practice or attend church and sing to the best of our ability.  Over and over we would say to each other how blessed WE were by resisting the temptation to stay home, and instead, coming to sing.  We did not let the devil win!

Do you recognize his devious schemes?  Are you praying “get behind me Satan?”  Are you resisting his falsehoods and moving forward with God’s truths firmly in the forefront of your mind?  If not, make a decision today to FIGHT!  You (and God) will prevail!

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