Sharables – Testimony

Sharables – Testimony
Oralia Lindsey | Wife of Pastor Chuck

My childhood is full of so many ups and downs like most of you. Sadly, my biological father had a major drug and pornography problem. Our childhood was full of unpredictability because of it. My mom struggled to provide for us because we could not depend on my father. I was molested in elementary school by a close family friend, and that was a heavy burden I did not know how to handle. My parents made sure we never saw that man again, but the weight was on my shoulders for years to come.

My mom raised us as Jehovah Witness because she lost her third child to SIDS, (Nina was only two months old) and was looking for an answer to why God would allow her baby to die and they gave her a comforting enough answer. My parents divorced by the time we were in middle school and not too long after our stepdad came into the picture. Boy did we hate him. We did not have many rules before him and to be honest we kind of walked all over my mom. She worked a lot to provide for us and did not have the energy to fight with us. As time went on, we came to realize what a gift our stepdad was. He is a man that decided to love my mom and her three unruly kids. We love him dearly and thank the Lord for him.

A missionary family came back to the states and decided that their neighborhood was their new mission field. They began reaching out to all the kids and teaching us about Jesus Christ. My mom reluctantly allowed us to go. As I learned, I thought I was growing, but I did not realize that all that information was just going into my brain and not changing who I was. At 14 years old I had the opportunity to attend a math program at a college. It was my first taste of (almost) complete freedom. I met new friends and even told girls about Christianity. By the end of the program, I had begun to spend time with a girl that was smoking pot. A couple of nights before the program was done I had the opportunity to smoke pot with her…and I took it. Friends that I had made were so upset that they left and told our counselors. At 1:00 am my mom had to drive an hour to get me. She would not even speak to me. My stepdad was so disappointed that I would even consider doing drugs after knowing how it affected our lives from my biological father. That night I realized that if I did not surrender my life to Jesus, I would completely destroy my life. Everything changed that night. I wanted to please Jesus with my life. The Lord’s plan for my life was SO much better than ANYTHING I could have ever dreamed. I am married to my best friend, we have four amazing kids, and we get to serve Jesus and his people.

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