Secret Service

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Michael Young | Student Ministry Intern

For my first year of college, I did not go away like most people would or wanted to do. I decided to do my first year online and help serve in the church as much as possible. I received a call one morning from a staff member who asked me, “If I was ready to serve?” I said, “Of course.”  He told me to be at the church around noon. He called at nine in the morning that left me several hours just to wait. The issue was that I had no clue what we were doing. He never gave me a hint of an idea. Well, time rolled by after a little while and I got to the church ready for this mystery task. I pulled into the parking lot, and he is already in a van ready to drive somewhere. I thought that maybe we are going to the hospital or some event because it is clearly not at the church. That has to be it; my mind was going through ideas. However, as I climbed into the van I looked in the back, and to my surprise, there were gardening tools. My brain could not connect the dots between serving and gardening. This was supposed to be serving. That day I learned serving does not come in a streamlined box, it comes in many shapes and sizes.  I spent the entire afternoon gardening someone’s yard that was not even home. It was hot and very boring pulling weeds for someone I did not know at all. I learned a lot about serving.

When it comes to serving, it does not always mean one thing. It is not always something you are comfortable with, or you are aware it is needed. Most of the time God works by not telling us what we are supposed to do, which leave us to just walk by faith. Serving is bigger than we can see. We do not know its purpose most of the time. It reminds me of a story in 1 Kings 17. Elijah is called to help the nation of Israel and get rid of the King Ahab. At the very moment Elijah speaks to the king, ravens are feeding him by a brook. It does not make a ton of sense. Elijah was speaking to the king; he had every chance to do something crazy cool. He was called to serve, and then he does the most random things serving the Lord. It is a real practical lesson for us; serving does not always mean being comfortable or knowing what it is. Serving is just what we are called to do.

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