November 4th

I have always been part of the church family. My parents brought me to church for the first time when I was ten days old. It has always been a part of who I am. As a kid, I loved going to children’s church. It was there that I received Jesus into my life. Through my youth, I stayed involved in church as much as I could. I believe that is what helped me make better decisions despite the temptations going on around me. I also started working at the church at the age of 16 and had an enormous amount of good role models and leadership every day.

I married young at the age of 19 to an amazing man. We will celebrate 17 years of marriage this year! Even though I was involved in church and I worked at the church, I did not really understand what a relationship with God was really about. I have since learned that without God, life has no joy! In every aspect of our lives, God is evident. It is when we get away from God that we stop seeing Him in everything. My husband and I have two amazing children. I want them to grow up understanding what a real relationship with God is. My goal every day is to focus on what God has in store for my family and put myself aside. It is not always easy of course, but the goal is to try.

I am grateful for parents that brought me to church. I cannot imagine our lives without the love of Christ.

Larissa Hicks

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