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As we conclude this “road trip” or journey through Proverbs, I have had a lot of time to reflect on my own journey and the different people along the way. Jen and I are very thankful for the hundreds of people who have helped shape our lives.

This book has been a journey in and of itself. During this project, we have been blessed to work with an incredible team. Thank you to The River publishing team: Dr. Randy Johnson, Donna Fox, Shawna Johnson, Michael Fox, Casey Schieferstein, and Roy Townsend. Thanks to the elder team Assistant Jill Osmon. Thank you to James Mann for helping with the mass of endnotes and proper citations.

Our friends Amy Grimes and Samantha Woodbeck who so kindly agreed to read a messy rough draft and gave honest and super helpful feedback. Thank you to Sherry Osmon, who despite being in PT and a neck brace, volunteered to read an early draft. Thank you Chuck Lindsey for reading the book and encouraging me in this process, as well as drawing a rough sketch almost 3 years ago that kind of encapsulated, at least for me, this journey. Thank you Grant Grimes for keeping track of how many verses we were using from Proverbs.

Thank you to the elders of The River Church. Serving Jesus with each of you is an incredible blessing, honor, and privilege. To each of the location pastors, your love and care for God’s people is inspiring.

To The River Church: being part of your story for essentially the entirety of my life has been a thrilling journey. To the folks of our Goodrich location, thank you for your patience with my maturing process and seasons of pain and sorrow. Your love and support of Jen and I has been moving. God has used you at critical moments to reaffirm His call on our lives.

To our children, Claire-Anne, Belle-Anne, Maverick, Ruby-Sue, and Mavis, you are each a delight to us. You have brought us such great joy. Being together as a family is a sneak-peek into Heaven.

To my wife, Jennifer, you are a valiant and virtuous woman. “Many have done excellently, but you [far] surpass them all.” Sorry I used so many quotes from Waltke, Koptak, Kidner, Ortlund, Spurgeon, Lewis, and others. In spite of my obsession with quotes, you consistently encouraged me to find my own voice.
Saving the best for last, the author and finisher of our faith, Jesus. You are our Savior and friend. You have carried us through the deepest valleys and celebrated with us on the highest mountain tops. You and You alone are wise and worthy. We long for our lives to please You. As we often pray, teach us and use us. Thank You for rescuing us from our sin and shame. Yours is the glory!

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