In The Beginning

Table of Contents

Lesson One: Creation

  Devotion: God Exists
  Devotion: Elohim
  Devotion: Created in the Image of God
  Devotion: Need for Community
  Devotion: One Rule
  Devotion: Seventh Day

Lesson Two: The Fall

  Devotion: Sin and the Cure
  Devotion: Who was the Serpent?
  Devotion: Eve’s Role in Sin
  Devotion: Adam’s Role in Sin
  Devotion: Blame Game
  Devotion: The GOSPEL

Lesson Three: Adam & Eve

  Devotion: Who did Adam Blame?
  Devotion: Who did Eve Blame? 
  Devotion: From the Dust We Shall Rise
  Devotion: Adam & Eve #4
  Devotion: Eve’s Curse and Position 
  Devotion: Adam’s Curse and Position 

Lesson Four: Cain & Abel

  Devotion: Cain’s Sacrifice
  Devotion: Abel’s Sacrifice 
  Devotion: “Sin is Crouching at the Door” 
  Devotion: “Am I my brother’s keeper?” 
  Devotion: Sin and Consequences 
  Devotion: The Effects of Sin on Others

Lesson Five: The Flood

  Devotion: Methuselah 
  Devotion: Noah “Only” Righteous 
  Devotion: Obedience 
  Devotion: Two and Seven
  Devotion: Walking Theo 
  Devotion: Rainbow 

Lesson Six: Tower of Babel

  Devotion: Unity 
  Devotion: “GO TEAM!”
  Devotion: Pride 
  Devotion: Disobedience 
  Devotion: Communication 
  Devotion: “Make a Name for Ourselves”

Lesson Seven: Abraham’s Call

  Devotion: The Art of Listening  
  Devotion: Being a Blessing 
  Devotion: Promises 
  Devotion: Worship 
  Devotion: First Thing to Do 
  Devotion: Abraham & Sarah Lie 

Lesson Eight: Lot’s Life

  Devotion: Lot with Abraham 
  Devotion: Separation of Lot from Abraham 
  Devotion: Abraham Rescues Lot 
  Devotion: Lot at the City Gates 
  Devotion: Wickedness & Miracle 
  Devotion: Don’t Look Back

Lesson Nine: Abraham, Hagar, & Ishmael

  Devotion: Abraham & Melchizedek 
  Devotion: Promise to Abraham 
  Devotion: Abraham Believes 
  Devotion: Bitterness 
  Devotion: No Mocking Zone
  Devotion: “God of Seeing” 

Lesson Ten: Abraham, Sarah, & Isaac

  Devotion: Abrahamic Covenant 
  Devotion: Abraham’s Name Changed 
  Devotion: Sarah’s Name Changed 
  Devotion: Abraham’s Response 
  Devotion: Sarah’s Response 
  Devotion: Abraham Intercedes for Sodom 

Lesson Eleven: Abraham “Sacrifices” Isaac

  Devotion: “God Tested Abraham” 
  Devotion: Abraham’s Response 
  Devotion: Hebrews 11:17-19
  Devotion: Confidence 
  Devotion: Faith 
  Devotion: “The Lord Will Provide” 

Lesson Twelve: Isaac & Rebekah

  Devotion: Making Promises 
  Devotion: Praying Specifically and Pray BIG 
  Devotion: Rebekah’s Hard Work 
  Devotion: Do Not Delay 
  Devotion: Immediate Response 
  Devotion: No Excuses 

Lesson Thirteen: Jacob & Esau

  Devotion: Prophecy & Birth 
  Devotion: Esau Sells Birthright 
  Devotion: I will do it Myself 
  Devotion: Blessed and Blessing 
  Devotion: Esau Forgives Jacob 

Lesson Fourteen: Leah & Rachel

  Devotion: Jacob Wrestles with God
  Devotion: HIS Best
  Devotion: Never Enough
  Devotion: Rachel’s Sons
  Devotion: What is in a Name?
  Devotion: Twelve Tribes 

Lesson Fifteen: Joseph & Brothers

  Devotion: Joseph & Brothers #1
  Devotion: I Have Dreamed a Dream
  Devotion: Brotherly Shove 
  Devotion: Hatred and Jealousy 
  Devotion: Reuben Taking a Stand
  Devotion: Typology  

Lesson Sixteen: Joseph and Potiphar’s Wife

  Devotion: Lonely Circumstances, Never Alone
  Devotion: Joseph and Success
  Devotion: Others Blessed because of Joseph
  Devotion: Audience of One
  Devotion: No sin against Others 
  Devotion: No sin against God

Lesson Seventeen: Prison to Palace

  Devotion: God Caused Success
  Devotion: Interprets Prisoners’ Dreams 
  Devotion: “After Two Whole Years” 
  Devotion: Pharaoh’s Dreams 
  Devotion: Spirit of God in Him 
  Devotion: Names

Lesson Eighteen: Joseph Forgives Brothers

  Devotion: Joseph Forgives
  Devotion: 1 John 1:9
  Devotion: Matthew 18:21-35
  Devotion: Micah 7:18-19
  Devotion: Psalm 103
  Devotion: 2 Corinthians 5:17
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