Establishing Connection

Table of Contents

Lesson One: Worship

  Devotion: Start with Worship
  Devotion: The World Revolves Around the Son
  Devotion: First Name
  Devotion: Rock Band
  Devotion: Approachable
  Devotion: Training Wheels

Lesson Two: God's Will

  Devotion: What Are We Even Saying?
  Devotion: Seeing God Daily
  Devotion: What are You Really Saying in Prayer?
  Devotion: God’s Will or Mine?
  Devotion: Eloquence?
  Devotion: The Detroit River

Lesson Three: Requests

  Devotion: New Every Morning
  Devotion: Prayer Changes Things
  Devotion: Daily
  Devotion: Child-like Faith
  Devotion: Timing
  Devotion: Daily

Lesson Four: Confession

  Devotion: Finding Peace
  Devotion: A Win-Win Situation
  Devotion: Grace Received and Given
  Devotion: Paid in Full
  Devotion: The Qualifiers
  Devotion: Real Forgiveness?

Lesson Five: Guidance

  Devotion: Tour Guide
  Devotion: Life is not a DIY project
  Devotion: Temptation
  Devotion: Maze or Amazing?
  Devotion: Listen, too!
  Devotion: Spirit of Truth

Lesson Six: Fasting

  Devotion: When and Why Should Christians Fast
  Devotion: For the Love of Food
  Devotion: Fasting for Spiritual Guidance and Knowledge
  Devotion: Heart of Nehemiah
  Devotion: Don't Miss It!
  Devotion: Equal Time

Lesson Seven: Acts

  Devotion: Praying Through Anxiety
  Devotion: Prayer of Faith
  Devotion: Psalm 86
  Devotion: Got Jesus?
  Devotion: Misguided Expectations
  Devotion: More Than a Prophet

Lesson Eight: Happy Easter!

  Devotion: The Search
  Devotion: Futile?
  Devotion: Because He Lives
  Devotion: Grasping at Straws
  Devotion: Miss-sigh-ah
  Devotion: Do Not Miss the Gift of Salvation
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