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What Does a Gathering Look Like?

The weekend is always an exciting time around The River Church. It’s when the Church gets a chance to see each other, worship corporately, hear about Jesus collectively, and spend time together, encouraging one another and praying for others. Each weekend gathering lasts about 60 minutes and each gathering is unique. Each location and gathering looks different, but they all serve one purpose: to Glorify Christ. Our congregation consists of bikers to businessmen and everything in between. So, feel free to dress comfortably and how you want!

We would love to personally meet you after the gathering and help get you connected into our church family. Also, be sure to stop by guest services to receive your free gift for coming by and spending time with us!

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River Kids

Each Weekend Gathering has a full program for children up to 5th grade. Our goal is simple: to help parents raise kids who love Jesus. The Bible is taught in each classroom, on a weekly basis, in an age-appropriate way. The lessons are fun and approachable, and taught by committed volunteers and staff who serve Jesus by serving you and your kids.

When you first arrive at The River, a team of committed individuals will personally guide you through the registration and check-in process for your kids. We recommend arriving 10-15 minutes prior to the start of the gathering, to allow you enough time to get all your questions answered, register your children, grab a cup of coffee, and find a good seat.

Security is important to us, and keeping your children safe is always at the forethought of our planning. We have dedicated volunteer security officers who monitor all areas of our building, but especially our children’s classrooms and hallways.

Should you ever have questions, any of our staff members or volunteers will be happy to help you. If you have any questions about River Kids before attending a gathering, please feel free to contact any of the staff or pastors at The River Church at any time.


Getting Connected

We know we’re a large church, with multiple gathering times and locations. We are committed to providing opportunities for everyone in attendance on a weekend to connect with one another, so nobody feels lost in the crowd or the excitement. In the lobby, you will see a Guest Service desk with volunteers ready to answer any questions you may have. Take a minute to chat with one of our volunteers at this desk about any questions about The River or what your next step may be to get involved. Here at The River, we’re confident you will find a great community with many opportunities to get connected.

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